Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Please Welcome POP!NK Editions To Inside The Rock Poster

I am very happy to announce a new sponsor on the blog, POP!NK Editions. Over the past year I have shown many of their releases and recently bumped into them in person on accident. I was at a gallery opening last month and saw 3 guys looking at the work. I could tell they were not "civilians" from the way they were examining the work. So I asked a friend of mine, hey who are these guys he says they are from POP!NK. Now I had only spoken to them by email and was happy to meet them in person at last. We hung out for a couple of nights at some gallery's and had fun talking art and everything else.

Who are these guys you ask ?  Artists & printers Steve Seeley, Zach Schrey and Curtis Readel are the creative and technical print-wizards behind POP!NK Editions. POP!NK specializes in hand-pulled fine art screen prints. No giclee's or digital prints, just screen printed editions all printed by hand. Jordan Nickel aka POSE, Hebru Brantley and L'Amour Supreme are some of the established artists they are working with. Other emerging artists include Ermsy, Upendo, and BORT.

Visit their website ( for available editions and follow on Instagram @POPINKED to see projects that they are working on and for upcoming print release information.

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