Friday, May 20, 2016

Doe Eyed Design Andrew Bird San Francisco Poster

Eric Nyffeler of Doe Eyed Design did a poster for Andrew Bird's show in San Francisco Monday night. He also did an art print titled Cathedral.

Eric on the design of the poster:
Andrew Bird is one of my favorite musicians to work with, as proven by the fact that this is my sixth poster for him. Inspired by his song “Saints Preservus,” I created a strange, colorful, Escher-esque cathedral, populated by a couple of wise cats. And yes, the “cat-hedral” pun was totally intentional. This celestial church, as well as an art print version without the typography, are now available to decorate your own home, house, or cathedral.
Details of the poster
Six colors (including one split) / Show edition of 125.
Art print edition of 50.
18” x 24” screen print on 100# French Kraft-Tone Manila paper.

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