Friday, May 13, 2016

Rob Schwager Wall of Death Print

If you have ever seen these guys at a State Fair or carnival you know how thrilling it is to watch them. Rob Schwager wanted to pay tribute to these daredevils. 

Rob kicks it in to high gear as he talks about the print:
When I was younger I used to travel a lot. I'd go on tours with bands, travel with my family, friends, etc. On one of those trips, I had the opportunity to see something called the "Wall of Death". 
Motorcycle daredevils riding at what seemed like breakneck speeds, on a vertical wall, inside a large wooden shaped silo. I knew centrifugal force was holding them in place, but the sights and sounds of the whole experience was electric! It stuck with me for some time.

This print is a tribute to those incredible performers who tempt fate daily as they ride the Wall of Death.
The print is 18" x 24" Hand screen-printed with water-based inks on French Madero Beach Speckletone paper.

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