Wednesday, May 4, 2016

David Welker The Some of One Print Release

Along with his killer Pearl Jam New York poster David Welker will be releasing the colored print of the image on the back of the Pearl Jam poster.

This print is titled The Some Of One. Inspired by the Pearl Jam Dragons and David's love of Eastern woodcuts this 4 layer screen print.

Printed by the original Stank-Ink Master Ray McDermott it is 12x16" with an edition of 200 prints and available for $65

On sale Wednesday between 12 Noon and 12:30 EDT at

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  1. Hi this is to you ITRP, I wish I knew your name. Other than PJ, what are some of the other bands that it is impossible to get AP for? I am just curious. this morning they were available for about 5 seconds. Either these 100 are already gifted to friends, family, the band etc or somehow people are buying in quantities. I just would like to watch some others sell. Like I said i am new to this and something just doesn't seem right. Don't publish, email me if you can at