Thursday, May 26, 2016

Alfred Hitchcock Figure Vertigo and The Birds Poster Releases From Mondo

The iconic director of over 50 films, including classics such as Psycho, North By Northwest, The Birds, and Vertigo, Alfred Hitchcock continues to inspire people as his work is still imitated to this day. Mondo are proud to present the famous filmmaker in 1/6 scale, featuring an authentic likeness, tailored fabric suit, director's chain, interchangeable hands, and a few nods to some of his classic films. Whether he's on your desk or perched on a shelf next to your Blu-rays, the 1/6 Scale Alfred Hitchcock Figure is the perfect addition to any film lover's collection.

In celebration of the Hitchcock figure release, Mondo will also have three posters available from Adam Simpson, We Buy Your Kids and Thomas Danthony. Mondo has had the pleasure to honor Hitchcock's filmography over the years, and they're thrilled to add new prints for The Birds and Vertigo to the line-up.

Posters will go on sale Thursday 5/26 at a random time at

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