Friday, May 6, 2016

Ween Jim Mazza Levitation Fest Austin Poster Release

On Friday Jim Mazza will be releasing his Ween print for the cancelled Levitation Fest show at 8am PST.
Even though the show was cancelled he's had more interest in this poster than any other print he has ever done.....crazy. But it's got a cowboy and a unicorn on it so hell yeah !

Anyway, he'll have a regular edition, rainbow foil edition, lava foil edition and an aqua pearlescent edition. 

Please note: on the pearlescent edition, the dark green color on the background didn't go down as smoothly as on the other papers, so it has a bit of a distressed look. The prints still look great so he is releasing them anyway with this disclaimer. There's only 20 of them in existence.
Each of the posters are  16" x 24" Full Bleed , 7 Color Screen prints with a variety of edition sizes. 

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