Friday, May 6, 2016

Johnny Quinine Melvins Vancouver Poster

Johnny Quinine works with Ben Nylen in Shelterbelt Studio. Johnny's recent poster he did was for the Melvins tour with Napalm Death and Melt Banana and their stop in Vancouver.

I asked Johnny about the poster:
I was re watching the Twin Peaks series when I was asked to do this poster. Since the show date I had picked to make a poster for was in the Pacific Northwest (Vancouver) and since the television series took place in the that region, it seemed like a ripe opportunity to riff off of the content of the series for the poster. Pretty much everything in the imagery of the poster is based off of something from the television series.

The owls are featured throughout the series and are included in the well known quote, "The owls are not what they seem" in the show and so that is what I chose for the focus of the piece.

The hollowed out and smoke-filled eyes along with the antlers were chosen to reflect the bizarre imagery seen in the television show. It's not everyday that the Melvins tour w/ Napalm Death; the extraordinary circumstance of them touring together seemed to demand some extraordinary imagery thus hollowed out, smoke filled eyes on a antlered owl. Also... it just looks cool!

The symbols seen in the piece are the astrological symbols of Saturn and Jupiter and are a wink to The Great Conjunction of the two planets that is mentioned in the television show as well. There's a whole theory that some fans of the show had about all of that but I won't get into that here except to say that the circles seen in the image overlapping represent the two planets aligning as well.
The triangle seen in the piece is an ancient symbol that was used by some cultures to represent fire - another element that is part of the mystery that unfolds in the series. "Fire walk with me" was another quote featured in the show as well.

Lastly, the colors I chose were from the opening and closing credits seen on the television series - black and neon green.

Ultimately, my hope was to create something simple but strong and impactful not unlike the bands on the lineup of the show poster. I hope that I did the job well. Thanks for looking.

Melvins / Napalm Death / Melt Banana
May 2, 2016 / Venue / Vancouver, BC, CABlack and Neon Green inks printed on French brand 100 lb. Kraft-Tone "Carbon Copy" stock
Limited Edition of 70 (signed and numbered by the artist)
Posters available at

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