Thursday, May 5, 2016

Dig My Chili Avert Brothers Tuscaloosa Poster World Premiere Exclusive

The guys guys from Dig My Chili designed the posters for the Avett Brothers' concert in Tuscaloosa, Alabama tonight. So good seeing new work from Dig My Chili.

For this concert, they produced an original and 2 variants. The posters are 24in x 36in, 3 color silk screened, they also used a stippling technique to create the poster which I'm really curios to see in person. They printed them on French Steel Gray and they are all signed and numbered. The original version is an edition of 200 (only 40 will be available on their site) and the variants are an edition of 50 each (also only 40 on the site).

All three versions will be available tonight at 10pm CDT at

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