Monday, October 31, 2016

Daniel Danger Spirit Board And Clayboard Original Art Release

Daniel Danger worked for months on a idea to have something unique for this years MondoCon and that is a Spirit Board.

Daniel Danger Spirit Board Set Includes:
- Custom 10x15” Spirit board and full wrap box
- Custom laser-cut doorway planchette
- Set of three new 9x12” four color screenprints
- Two 1.25” enamel pins in felt bag
- Signed instruction card numbered out of 150 copies in a 2nd edition.
I really wanted to create something unique and out of the norm for myself, and to have fun with my own aesthetic and narrative legacy. The concept of ghosts, and their many interpretable meanings and metaphors, are crucial to everything I do as an artist. Important as well is the notion of communication, sometimes between far away and illogical places and times, loss, and distance.-DD
You can also get the set with a  9x12" custom clayboard monoprint, each unique and random.

They go on sale Monday at 2 PM EDT at in his store.

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