Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Bernie Wrightson Cycle of the Werewolf Kickstarter Project

Nakatomi is launching artist Bernie Wrightson's Kickstarter for a box set portfolio of his Cycle of the Werewolf illustrations. Bernie's had a hell of a couple years here with health issues, so they're hoping this thing goes LARGE and they can help him coast on through the rest of the year! (He literally JUST had brain surgery a couple weeks ago, 4 days after we filmed the Kickstarter video...)

Back in 1983, Bernie Wrightson had an idea- he wanted to work with Stephen King on a werewolf project, that would pair his art with King’s writing- which would be packaged as a 12-month calendar. Each month would feature a painting from Bernie and a short vignette from King, matching the monthly transformation of a werewolf. That project quickly changed from the calendar idea into the Illustrated short novel, Cycle of the Werewolf, which later was adapted into the film Silver Bullet.

This Kickstarter project is to fund a high-quality artist edition collection of the full color illustrations from Cycle of the Werewolf as a print set, along with a book collecting the Black and White illustrations and never-before printed concept and process sketches.

Portfolio Set Pledge $175 and you’ll receive this collection of 12 full-color paintings, faithfully reproduced at 11×14 as high-quality GiclĂ©es. Printed on 305gsm natural watercolor paper with archival Ultrachrome ink. Includes a signature plate, signed by Bernie and hand-numbered in a limited edition. Packaged in a custom collector’s box with foil-stamped cover. Includes the Cycle of the Werewolf sketchbook that features the black and white illustrations from the book, along with never before printed behind the scenes concept and process sketches by Bernie.

DELUXE WOOD BOX ARTIST EDITION SET Pledge $800 and you’ll get this super-lush wood box edition- limited to just 50 sets world-wide. This handcrafted fine wood box, featuring a laser-engraved logo and hand-applied blood-red enamel fill on the lid. The interior is hand-done crushed red velvet upholstery and padding.

-the 12 print set, printed on 310gsm Exhibition Watercolor paper EACH ONE signed by Bernie in a hand-numbered edition of 50, plus a signature plate..

-an actual Silver Bullet- stamped with the Wrightson ‘W’ inset into the red velvet padding. (note- bullet is inert)

-Cycle of the Werewolf sketchbook that includes the black and white illustrations from the book, along with never before printed behind the scenes concept and process sketches by Bernie.
There are other rewards for less such as a t shirt and calendar.

 Please check back later for the direct link to the Kickstarter page.

UPDATE 10-13 I asked Doyle to send me the link when it was live and 24 hours later he still has not sent the link. Guess it's out there some place.

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