Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Jay Ryan Dumpster Fire, Permafrost And Bears Prints

Jay Ryan has just returned from an exciting weekend at MondoCon in Austin, Texas, where he dropped three new prints.

Regular Bears, inspired to some degree by a camping trip his family went on with a bunch of kids' book authors last year in Oregon.

We all need more mammoths in our lives, and this one comes with a woolly rhino. Jay was in Oshkosh, Wisconsin two weeks ago for a print demo, and they made prints based on this same drawing ("Oshkosh Frost", due to the Wisconsin weather that day). Jay liked the drawing so much that he made a new edition at full 18 by 24" size, with different films and colors.

Dumpster Fire #5
Several years ago, Jay made prints for the Onion's AV Club, but there were printing problems, and he had to run the edition all over again on new paper. The stack of misprints was large enough that Jay saved them with the idea that he would eventually print something else on top. After a couple false starts during the last few years (clouds, a giant pink number 5), they've finally landed these Dumpster Fire prints for you. The paper has about 16 layers of ink on it, though the Dumpster Fire portion is "only" four screens.
Jay made about 50 of these with text on them for his friends in Nonagon and the Rutabega, for a show which happened on October 20, but he doesn't have any of those to sell.

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