Monday, October 17, 2016

Matt Leunig Growlers And Ween Posters Release

Matt Leunig has a couple of new posters this week.

First up is The Growlers in New York. Years ago he randomly caught The Growlers at a small club in the Bay Area and have followed them ever since. Their psych surf-rock sound lends itself well to late nights drawing in the studio. Matt had always wanted to work with them so he was pleasantly surprised when they contacted him a couple weeks ago to do a couple posters for their tour. Timing only permitted one so far for their 2-day stop in New York (New York City & Brooklyn) but maybe he’ll get to do another one down the line.

The final print is a 4-color split fountain (18′ x 24) with a print run of 100 done for the bands 2-night run and he has a small run of 30 Artist Prints (signed/AP) plus 3 different variants on sale now.

Next up is Matt's poster for Ween. Ween is Matt's favorite band of all time. He's been obsessed with them since early high school and has been lucky to work with them over the years on a couple projects and was deeply saddened when they broke up. Almost 10 years ago to the date he did his first poster for them for a San Francisco show (The Independent – 2006′). The boys are back on tour and as with a lot of things in life, things come back around. On the 10th Anniversary of Scraped Knee Matt had the privilege to do a poster for their 2 days of shows this week in San Francisco.

The print is a promoter print commissioned by folks at APE/Bill Graham and given to the band, and folks back stage & involved with the show.

The final print is a 6-color (18′ x 24) printed by the badasses at Monolith Press and Matt will have a small run of 40 Artist Prints (signed/AP) available on Tuesday, October 18th @ 11AM PDT at

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