Friday, October 21, 2016

Wes Wilson Are We Next Poster

It's always great to see the rock artists of the 60's and 70's continue to release work. Wes Wilson has released a great new print.

In 1965, this was Wes' first designed and printed poster while he worked in a small lithography print shop. This led ultimately to Chet Helms and later Bill Graham approaching him to do posters in the area which jump-started his career and changed poster art as we know it. The poster has become an icon of those turbulent times and still resonates today as a meaningful warning from the past.

Here is a little back ground from Wes:
I’m glad I did something to significantly express my shock and anguish as an American about such an obviously erroneous and costly ethical ‘mistake’ as was the Viet Nam War. Today however we have been attacked by ultra-cunning and ruthless terrorists and in response to that horribly destructive day our government was forced to suddenly power up our national security agencies like never before. However, the ‘facts’ about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, that were so widely believed, have now been wholly discredited for all to see. Because of that ‘mistake’ we too rapidly invaded Iraq without thoroughly working out both a military plan and the fuller use of the many normal diplomatic protocols which are so useful in less stressful times such as was done prior to the Gulf War. Such haste has also raised ‘constitutional issues’ about “rights” here at home. Because more practical protocols as well as United Nations involvement were employed and respected by the first President Bush – we gathered a whole spectrum of willing allies who come to our aid in freeing Kuwait using multinational forces.

Consequently, due in large part to ‘haste makes waste’ we are now deeply involved in the wasteful horrors of another costly ‘mistake’ - the current Iraq War. However, despite not yet knowing fully just how this all could have happened – we are at war inside Iraq. The Iraq situation is different from Viet Nam and we should strive to leave in grace and avoid the ‘dropping everything and running.’

It seems to me that since we don’t know just how all ‘this difficulty’ came about - the question “Are We Next?” still applies. And, as it relates to continuing the grand open and fair ideals plus continuing on in the hopes and practices of our Democratic Republic – this notable admonition continues for all Americans as well - “Be Aware!”
The poster is
Measurements:  16" X 30"
Edition Size:  70
Paper:  Cotton Rag
Buy it in Wes Wilson's store at

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