Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Zoltron Lagunitas Beer Circus Poster Release

Zoltron has a killer new poster releasing this week.

Zoltron gives a little history lesson:
Where I grew up in West Marin, Ca. there was an amazing little health food store called "House of Richards." It was my introduction to such man-made-wonders as carob, kefir and black licorice (all part of Satan's nutritious diet).

The building that housed the store was a big, beautiful, dusty, historic space, built out of virgin redwood. At the turn of the century, It was an open air dance floor. The train would stop and people would come dance the charlstan or the macarena.. Or whatever the kids called dirty dancing back then.

It just so happens that this is the exact same building where the Lagunitas Brewing Company started their business. A century later. And their name sake. The building is located 1/2 mile from our glorious town of Lagunitas after all.

It also just so happens that my art studio is directly across the street from that awesome historic trainstop/dancefloor/brewery.

Anyways.. Mainly because of the historical significance and my respect for their humble beginnings and ensuing self-made craft empire, I quickly agreed to create the poster for the annual Lagunitas Beer Circus. You really gotta love a brewery that decides to follow
the important things in life, like making their own circus.

I happened to be working on a stencil piece that seemed to fit the bill, so after a little back and forth, we agreed on a deceased fortune telling, Gypsy Mystic. I mean what circus doesn't have a creepy, half-dead spiritual medium in a head scarf ?

100% proceeds of posters sales from the event go to local charities. That's pretty damn cool of them. Of course, I'll be selling my copies (and variants) to fund my Carob and Kefir habit.
The poster is 5 Color Screen Print with Metallics & Specialty Gloss/Metallic Overprint
Edition of 275
18" X 24" #130 White parchment

On sale Wednesday at 2 pm EDT at

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