Friday, October 21, 2016

Spiegelsaal Kowloon Walled City And Minsk German Tour Poster

Spiegelsaal is Torsten Jahnke and Jochen Mönig who are friends of Alexander Hanke have released their German tour poster for the sludge double package Kowloon Walled City and Minsk.

 I asked Torsten about the design:
In this case, we worked quite literally with the band name.

kowloon walled city was a settlement on the outskirts of hong kong, that was built by it's inhabitants on the fly.
no architects or city planing was involved. living conditions were accordingly. it was torn down by HK authorities in the 1990s.
from a far, the whole thing really looked like a guitar amp dropped on it's back.
so the idea was to create an image, that brings housing blocks and stacks of amps together, as both bands have a very heavy sound and are quite the equipment fetishists.
hence the streets made from guitar cables, the sun that also is a knob and we also sneaked an image of the current album cover in there.

Here are the details on the posters
50 × 70 cm (19.7 × 27.6")
3-color screenprint on silver 300 gsm Folia paper (gold/red, black, transparent silver)
2 variations
Overall print run: 60 s/n 30 of each color.

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