Monday, October 10, 2016

Guy Burwell Avett Brothers Little Rock Poster

The Avett Brothers contacted Guy Burwell for a poster design and print and if you attended the show in Little Rock last Friday night you perhaps saw the result, his first design for them.

An illustrated representation of wistful romantic possibilities, poignant foibles, tall tales and telling tokens tantamount to tuneful totemic treatises told truthfully. In Fall. A simple enough conceit. A golden metallic base sets the tone for shimmering ghost of Fall flavors. Edge to edge printing, crisp lines and a glossy sheen all add a little something extra to this edition. It's pretty nice.

Also available will be a very small number of Alternative prints on Opal Stardream 110 lb stock, a softly metallic stock with a opalescent finish. They are signed but not of a numbered edition and come remarqued.

The regular edition is a signed & numbered edition of 50 measuring 17.5 x 23.5 full bleed
4 color screen print.

Buy them at .

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