Friday, October 21, 2016

Prefab77 Sunday Girl Print

Prefab77 are a couple of artists who have origins in the north of England, California and New York by weaving small pieces of modern popular culture.

They create fast, hard-edged and stripped down artwork that is often political, sometimes anti-establishment, but always beautiful. rock and rebellion reflecting on the passing of our familiar institutions, shadowy establishment on the take and take small bites out of the underbelly of our modern culture that gets more bizarre with each passing day.

It is a dark word of money, fashion, music and politics woven into a luxurious mixture of acrylic, spraypaint, wheatpaste and varnish.

PREFAB 77 "Sunday Girl"
Hand Painted Print Release
Hand Painted Prints, Beautiful Textures, Smell Lush, Feel Great & Look Amazing.
Statement from Prefab77:
It's no secret that we take pride in putting a tonne of hand painting and finishing into our prints, and as such we enjoy nothing more than bringing you an insight into the making of our main print editions. This might just be the best one yet!
Main edition of 100
hand painted background in acrylic and spray paint 7 Colour screen print on 300 gsm somerset
signed and dated by the artists
75 x 56 cm

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