Friday, April 27, 2012

Daniel Danger At The Drive In and American Horror Story Posters on sale today

 Today, Friday the 27th at 2pm EST, Daniel Danger will be selling copies of both the poster for At The Drive-In's hometown reunion show earlier this month and the American Horror Story panel at Paleyfest 2012.

 Official poster for At The Drive In reunion in El Paso, TX. april 13th, 2012
15x30” 5-color screenprint, signed & numbered artists edition of 100. $60
this is based off the infamous “classroom show” bootleg of the band from the late 90s.

 12x24" 5-color screenprint, signed & numbered AP edition of 50. $40
anyone who's caught American Horror Story knows that its a little out there, and its heavy on the atmosphere given the house is pretty much the star of the show. Accordingly, its right up Daniel's alley. For what its worth, according to Daniel this is probably his favorite use of the figure as the light source he's ever pulled off.

On sale today HERE

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