Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ron English Revelations Book II - Hand Stenciled Edition on sale today

 12 x 12 Hand-Stenciled on Double LP Album Cover
Each individual copy of Revelations Book II features unique hand-stenciled album artwork applied in an 8-layer stencil by Ron English.

This limited edition of Revelations Book II comes in 4 unique colorways.
- See the Gold Edition here.
- See the Silver Edition here.
- See the Orange Edition here.
- See the Green Edition here.

This double LP version of Ron English's First Ever Vinyl Release: Revelations Book II is an extremely limited RUN with each LP having unique original cover artwork applied by Ron English. This is a rare chance to own an ORIGINAL piece of Ron English's artwork. This re-release of the 1999 album features a lyrical storyline written by Ron English and musically constructed by a varied group of musicians including Daniel Johnston, Patti Rothberg, Railroad Jerk, Wammo, and Emilio China.

Check out for more info about the album and preview several recordings.

This RUN comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity from Ron English & 1xRUN

On Sale Todayat at 3pm EDT

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