Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Exclusive World Premier In The Garage Prints from Blank Space Gallery Tim Doyle and Jay Shaw

James Flames

Exclusive World Premier Tim Doyle

Exclusive World Premier Tim Doyle

Exclusive World Premier Jay Shaw  One color (eye-spazm green) on black paper at 12" x 12" (about the size of the monitors back then). It's an edition of 16 (the lifespan of the Apple ][, the most popular computer that Logo was used on).

Joshua Budich

James Flames, YES X-Files

Clint Wilson

Matt Leunig

Justin Santora

John Vogl (The Bungaloo)

Chris Ott
 In The Garage: Art Celebrating Geek Culture opens Friday at Blank Space Gallery in Connecticut. Inspired by Weezer's Blue Album staple "In The Garage" which shares a lot of theme's with The Beach Boy's "In My Room" is about the places we went as children and young adults where we felt safe, from the Mushroom Kingdom, the Garage Band, to fighting in the Ring against Bald Bull.  It harkens back to a simpler time in our lives when the most pressing issue was getting home from school to save the Princess, or covering three chord punk songs in the basement with friends.  It's the common shared pasts we've all had being  "geeks."  Finding within our own memories the idea that though we might have been playing Nintendo by ourselves, we were hardly alone.

 Featuring New Exclusive Work From

Joshua Budich
Armando Chainsawhands
Tim Doyle
Nate Duval
Rene Gagnon
James Flames
Free Humanity
Matt Leunig
Zeb Love
A. J. Masthay
Brain Methe
Russ Moore
Jermaine Rogers
Justin Santora
Jay Shaw
Jon Smith
John Vogl (The Bungaloo)
David Welker

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