Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hustle and The Hive Prints by Angryblue

 Yeah I forgot to post these a few days ago.

 The Hive is an 18x24, 3 colored screen print (2 teastain/worn colors and then a reddish blackline on top) & limited to a signed/numbered run of 150.

Hustle is the first print of one of the characters introduced in his Pixies print. We'll just have to see what adventures come from their various scheming personalities.

Instead of being stuffed full of sugar, spice and things that are nice, these guys are chock full of switchblades, pills & mischief.Hustle is 12x12, 2 colors (metallic red/plum black) & a run of 150. Signed/Numbered.

Buy them HERE

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