Monday, April 23, 2012

Openings: Lyric 2012 by Glenn Barr at 323 East Gallery

 Saturday night saw the opening of the second Lyric Show curated by artist Glenn Barr and the Inside the Rock Poster Street Team was there to bring you the pictures. Last years inaugural Lyric show was a huge success of the pervasive musically themed group exhibition so 323 East Gallery and Glenn Barr wanted an even bigger show this year with a roster of local and international artists ranging from lowbrow, pop surrealism, graffiti and illustration. Highlights of the show were the pieces by Matt Eaton, Jeff Soto, Chet Zar and Luke Chueh

"Music and its lyrics can always stimulate our emotions as well as leave us contemplating a visual narrative. Artists have always been known to use lyrics as inspiration and with this have created some of the greatest works in the world. This exhibition will illuminate the artist’s personal transcription from a song lyric to canvas." - Glenn Barr

Participating Artists Include:
Luke Chueh / Revok / Brett Amory / Eimi / Matt Eaton / Beau Stanton / Ron Zakrin / Tom Thewes / Tristan Eaton / Travis Louie / Chikuwaemil / Shojonotomo / Mark Heggie / BASK / Ray Domzalski/ Jeff Soto / Rick Morris /Chet Zar / Mark Dancy / Joey Seeman / THH70/ Bryan Cunningham / William Wray / Davin Brainard / Daniel Peacock / David Diavu Vecchiato/ Robert Nixon / Matt Gordon / Casey Weldon / Erik Otto / Martha Rich / John Dunivant / Derek Hess / Chris Dean / Dan Armand / April Segedi / Made514/ Chris Reccardi and more..

And now the pictures 

BASK                                                     EIMI

Brett Amory

Bryan Cunningham

Camilla d'Errico

Casey Wheldon
Chet Zar

Dan Armand                               Matt Eaton

Derek Hess

Glenn Barr

John Dunivant

Luke Chueh


Matt Gordon

Ray Domzalski


Rick Morris

Tom Thewes

Travis Louie

Jeff Soto

Ron Zarkin
 Any unsold pieces will be on line for sale sometime Monday at

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