Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rene Gagnon x Paul Bedard X Gator Boys

 Gator Boys is a show on Animal Planet that follows the adventures of Paul Bedard and Jimmy Riffle during their live rescue, capture and relocation of nuisance alligators and other animals in Florida. I love watching nature shows so I have been watching it since it started and about a month ago I noticed something on the back of Paul's truck. It took a few episodes to see it clearly and confirm what it was. it was Rene Gagnon's Bomber sticker. It took a few more episodes to get a decent picture of it from the TV.

I thought it was really cool to see something of Rene's work on TV and without people freaking out over the sticker like they did when it was found in an airport two years ago. I emailed Rene the pictures and asked what the story was and if he knew about it. Comes to find out Rene and Paul are good friends and have worked as surf rescue life guards for 12 years together in New England.

That is Rene on the right
Rene said he counted about 30 times he saw the sticker in couple of episodes and was wondering if anyone would catch it. I always seem to be looking at the little details in the background on stuff and caught it. Paul has tried to get Rene down to Florida and the Everglades Holiday Park where he works to mess with the gators but Rene has not yet, I think that's best I would not want anything to happen to Rene.
If you find yourself in the Fort Lauderdale area stop and tell Paul you're a fan of Rene's work as well. The best episode to see it in is HORSE-DEVOURING GATOR, I wanted to get screen shots but could not find full episodes on line.

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