Monday, April 16, 2012

Daniel Danger At The Drive In El Paso Poster

 Official poster for At The Drive In reunion in El Paso, TX. april 13th, 2012
15x30” 5-color screen print by Daniel Danger.

Daniel Danger on how he created it and other musings:

 this is based off the infamous “classroom show” bootleg of the band from the late 90s, which until the era of youtube, was only available through dubbed VHS tapes purchased by sending actual cash in an envelope to a weird dude on the internet whos name was like along with a list of which bootlegs you wanted dubbed to your tape (ALL THE SWING KIDS AND CHARLES BRONSON BOOTLEGS, THANK YOU). paypal saw there was some money to be made from this, so then they started up and squashed decades of mailorder tradition. anyways, nowadays i can just link you to it.

this was one of those projects id like to hop back 12 years and tell myself about; my first month of college getting in a car with a near stranger to drive to buffalo NY to see At The Drive In play with the Murder City Devils, Bluetip, and the International Noise Conspiracy (which sure, were no Refused, but what was?*), not fully realizing what i was in for that night. huge thanks to cedric and the rest of band for making this happen.

On sale details to follow

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  1. There are things written on the back wall and on the amps that are somewhat hidden. On the amps it appears to say "HELL PASO" (an early recording of theirs?), but on the back wall I can't tell what it says. I think the last word is "Astronaut", but I could be wrong. Any explanation on what it says and what it means?