Monday, April 30, 2012

FERG X GRODY SHOGUN - Young Gohst Subscription on sale today

FERG X GRODY SHOGUN - Young Gohst Subscription Release Info
The release is set for: MONDAY, April 30 - 12:00 noon central time and will be an open order for approx 1 week.
The figures are are 3", Sofubi.
The subscription includes 13 exclusive pieces of various colors containing assorted (random) brain sculpts.
They will be shipped at the rate of 2 per month for 6 months. The final month's shipment will contain 3 pieces.
Subscription cost: $285 US shipping included. (approx $22 per figure, shipped) International shipping additional $70

They will also offer a 2 piece package as an alternative to the Sub for $58 US shipping included.

The sale will take place on>

The photos above are samples to give you an idea of the figures form. Note: The actual colors contained in the subscription are indicated in the chart above.

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