Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ryan McCann You Don't Get To Free The Slaves Blowtorch Art On Wood

 Ryan McCann has developed a technique manipulating fire to create images with a blowtorch and then twists them with socio-political commentary. He is from and currently lives in Los Angeles. Ryan’s portrait of renowned UCLA Coach John Wooden titled “Coach” is part of the permanent collection in the UCLA Hall of Fame. He has also done commissioned work for Gibson Guitars, Patron Tequila, and the World Champion New Orleans Saints.

 Ryan McCann has a background in sports as a former Quarterback for the UCLA Bruins and Cincinnati Bengals. When his career was cut short due to a shoulder injury he started lighting things on fire.

"This piece was inspired from the Social Network movie poster that had a similar saying regarding getting to 1million friends. That is why the original piece is 40x27 inches, the standard movie poster size. This multiple is burnt into a 3/8 inch wood panel with a blowtorch, 2-color silkscreened letters, then sealed in polyurethane. Each piece is hand branded with my signature on the front and will be signed and numbered in ink on the back." - Ryan McCann

Each piece will arrive ready to hang with a built in back mounting.

Each piece comes signed, numbered and with a Certificate of Authenticity from Ryan McCann and 1xRUN

With an edition of 20 this magnificent piece is 20 x 30 Inches Blowtorch & Silkscreen On Wood Panel

On sale today at 3pm at

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