Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Naked and Famous Poster at The Warfield Poster by Frank Zio

 Details from Frank on the poster :

Greetings all! I know it has been long and tortuous in coming (that's what she said) but I finally have some new art for you, and it comes in the form of a brand new gig poster for New Zealand band The Naked and Famous. Not only do I love this band's music, and have for a long time, but they are the nicest guys (and girl) and put on great live shows.
The first time I met TNAF was actually back in 2009 when they played a free show down in San Jose at the Blank Club, a tiny-assed little venue known more for karaoke night and air guitar contests than amazing bands. They thought they were going to be playing an acoustic in-studio show, but ended up playing a full set at a club gig. As a result they didn't have half of their gear, no drums, or bass. They ended up putting together a great set by providing all the band's members with keys and samples, and threw the whole thing together in just a couple of hours. Seeing them play a full set at the stellar sounding Warfield theater in SF was a nice step up. 

The poster I was privileged enough to create for them is a six color silkscreen on natural finish uncoated paper. It measures 29" by 17" and each color is printed 100% by hand. The subject of the poster is the nude from Boticelli's "Birth of the Venus" (famous) with a kiwi-bird's head transposed where her human one should be. The illustration was rendered in ink with a brush. This poster features all the dazzling metallic inks you've come to expect from a Firehouse-printed poster, as well as air-tight printing. 

To get one for your very own please visit frankzio.com

Enter code NAKEDANDAWESOME for 10% OFF your entire order!

The first person to purchase this poster and at least one other will receive my original pencil drawing. The original ink is also available.

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