Thursday, April 12, 2012

Denial Rise Hand Painted Art on Wood Panel on sale today

DENIAL, or “D3N!@L” is a Canadian graffiti and mixed-media artist. His moniker is a phonetic mix-up representing his first name, and by definition, pokes fun at modern advertising, politics, and media messages that society is often “in denial” about. DENIAL is known for his prolific guerrilla-marketing campaign, which takes public aim at ideas involving social-justice, pop-culture, mass-media, and “New World Order” conspiracy theories. With over 500,000 of his adhesive logos displayed in public places around the world, the DENIAL PROJECT has become a conceptual piece of marketing absurdism. DENIAL intends to challenge traditional ideas about graffiti and public art, as well as the excessive corporate use of public space.

With his latest RUN "Rise" Denial has created 33 hand painted roses each in it's own unique color way.

"These pieces are also made from scrap recycled/found wood. I wanted to add an organic-ness to the piece by painting on wood and recycled cardstock and not buy any “new” wood to make them. I think it worked out well.I like to play with juxtaposition and contrast. I love the look of a beautiful refined rose over top a mess of a background with scratches and splatters. The contrast kind of forces the rose out of the painting, almost hovering." - Denial

Each 12 x 24 x 2 inch wood cradled frame comes ready to hang.

Each hand-painted multiple comes with a FREE Rise T Shirt and a Denial Sticker Pack.

This RUN comes signed, numbered and with a Certificate of Authenticity from Denial & 1xRUN

On sale today at Noon EDT at


  1. The roses are just stickers- LAME!!!

  2. No the roses are individually made spray painted stencils

  3. check the pics on the blog, looks like stickers, you can see all the roses sitting on each other...