Monday, April 16, 2012

Real Steel AMBUSH Figure from 3A, on sale details

ThreeA is very proud to announce the sale of AMBUSH from the film REAL STEEL, Ambush is a 1/6th fully articulated ( SUPER ARTICULATED ACTUALLY ).

The Articulation on Ambush is second to none, with countless moving parts, that faithfully mimic all the articulation from the film version. From pistons to sliding biceps, all the details are there! Ambush also features illuminated eyes for the low light photo op. ThreeA has spared nothing in making AMBUSH truly film authentic, they are carrying on the tradition of HYPER attention to detail that we started started with MGS REX, this same care will also be seen in our soon to be released HALO 1/6th line.

Ambush will be available to pre-order on April 17th, 9-00Am Hong Kong time at the Bambaland Store for the pre 3AA discount price of $290USD (PRICE INCLUDES WORLDWIDE SHIPPING ). The Bambaland version also comes with the exclusive AMBUSH 1/6th controller!

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