Thursday, April 26, 2012

World Premier Exclusive Jermaine Rogers Variant for In The Garage: Art Celebrating Geek Culture Art Show

 This past Friday saw the opening of  In The Garage: Art Celebrating Geek Culture Show at Blank Space Gallery in Connecticut. I first showed you a bunch of the new prints HERE. Inspired by Weezer's Blue Album staple "In The Garage" which shares a lot of theme's with The Beach Boy's "In My Room" is about the places we went as children and young adults where we felt safe, from the Mushroom Kingdom, the Garage Band, to fighting in the Ring against Bald Bull.

Jermaine Rogers debuted his "Astral Nights, Galactic Days" print today and now I give you the variant, "Louder than a Bomb" 18 x 24 Edition of 50

Astral Nights, Galactic Days

Louder than a Bomb
 Astral Nights, Galactic Days has an edition of 75 and measures 18 x 24 and of course is an awesome reference to Rush. Louder Than a Bomb the variant is based on Public Enemy.

Also in show was Russ Moore's Life, The Universe, and Everything. Inspired by Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, it is a 4 Color Screen Print including Glow in the Dark Ink 18 x 24 Edition of 100

Life, The Universe, and Everything
 Armando Chainsawhands has a new one for the show as well. 8BIT is a 18"x24" two color, hand-pulled screen print Super Mario mashup in a signed/numbered edition of only 25.

Jon Smith created a killer print inspired by Breaking Bad called Lily of the Valley. It is 5 Color Screen Print 18 x 24 Edition of 100
Lily of the Valley

 All of these and the others go on sale Friday at a random time, but I think you should start keeping an eye on the store now hint hint. And follow on Twitter so you know when they go on sale.

Here's the twitter account
Here's the facebook event page
Link to the store


  1. Is there a logical reason why the Blankspacegalleryltd.bigcartel will not ship to Australia? Is there an embargoe issue I am not aware of? I know Australia is a long way from pretty much everywhere but we do have a postal system, rule of law, banking system, rule of law - honest!

  2. I dont know but I will speak to him. I love Australia never a problem sending posters there for me. England on the other hand has almost the worst postal system in the world