Friday, April 20, 2012

Frank Kozik's Blink 182 20th Anniversary Posters on sale today

 Frank Kozik's Blink 182 20th Anniversary is on sale today. There will be two sales.

First off the Blink 182 store will be selling the "band edition" of 182 numbered with the tan colored rabbit. This killer 8 color silkscreen is 22.5" x 35" on sale today at a random time HERE

Then tonight at 6 pm PDT Frank Kozik will be selling his artist edition of 100 signed and numbered Pink Rabbit edition at


  1. You should inform people how Bompa and the artists are now scamming everyone.. they bumped the band edition from $29.90 to $80 + shipping and the artist edition is $120 + shipping. Also there is more of this artist edition than any other so far!

  2. Umm no the band edition was $39.90 plus shipping. The artist edition is $82 plus shipping for the pink variant. Dont make up stuff please

    1. Sorry I was simply quoting FROM THE ARTIST (who lied)

      "Frank Kozik ‎80 dollars the ap variant will be 120.00 plus shipping and handling."

  3. Ok now I'm confused LOL, Frank is not one to lie, he was just mistaken. I thought the variant was going to be $80, guess we will find out tonight.