Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Ernesto Yerena Coloniam Deductam Prints

Ernesto Yerena has released a couple of new prints titled Coloniam Deductam that come in a red and a white colorway. Each print is 18 x 24 screenprinted with an edition of 150

Details from Ernesto:
I will be participating in a amazing group show titled "The Provocateurs" curated by Shepard Fairey and Art Alliance. The idea behind the show is showcase provoking art by provocative artists.

I decided to make a image on a issue that is never really discussed in mainstream media or in general outside of conscious circles. The issue or theme being COLONIZATION. Its never spoken of perhaps because it makes the dominant structure of this country a bit uncomfortable to discuss. Its easier to sweep it under the rug and call anyone who brings up the connection and legacy of colonization to the present status of people of color in this country. Its easier to say that people do not work hard enough, people are lazy, people are violent, people are uneducated, etc. etc. It is much easier to write those stories and discussions off than to step back and look at the truth. People in positions of power have a deep possessive personality when it comes to ever questioning the manner in how they where able to have certain privileges. Most privileged people want to believe that they worked hard to get what they have. American Nobility disguised in sincere "hard work" is a nice way to avoid owning up to the fact that this country was built by slavery on stolen land. No hate here, all love. I have a deep love for the truth and I believe that everyone should try and face the truth about this country's inception in a critical manner and go even further back to the colonization of Europe to see how the original cultures and languages were affected by colonization. I hope you all enjoy this piece. I hope for positive and thought provoking discussions on this matter in the future! Decolonize!

Buy them at www.hechoconganas.com

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