Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Flag of Despair & Blood Money HPM Hand Painted Multiples on US Currency Release

Took the picture before they were signed

See how the "Blood" comes through the bullet holes

I hate the NRA their money and influence is stripping the people of their right not to be killed. The majority of people in this country want gun control laws revised. But no one in Congress has the courage to do the will of the people, they would rather keep getting money from the NRA and fill their pockets while the streets fill with blood. The NRA has used scare tactics the past few years saying "Oh they are coming for your guns? " The only people saying that are the NRA who represent the gun and ammo companies. They have cashed in on this scare tactic with record sales and profits for those companies.

Let me be clear on something as well. I don't want your guns, I just dont want the people I care about getting shot but some dumbass that should not have a gun. A 90 second back ground check does not infringe on your rights. As a nation we can do better. 

As a form of protest or whatever you want to call it I give you Flag of Despair and Blood Money HPM's

Flag of Despair
The country is fading away to be replaced by the money of corporations who now hold the most power. There is still a glimmer of hope as the Stars Glow in the Dark. Spray paint on a sheet of uncut US Currency $1 bills yes this is real uncut US Currency
Size 15.5 x 25 Inches
Edition of 3 signed numbered on the back
Montana Gold Spray Paint and Glow in the Dark Spray Paint
If you buy Flag of Despair you will get a Blood Money HPM with matching Number

Blood Money
Uncut $1 bills shot 2-3 times with a real AR-15 & spray paint
5.5 x 6.5 Inches
Edition of 12 signed and numbered on the back
Only 9 for sale, the other 3 go with Flag of Despair

On Sale at Inside the Poster HERE

Back ground on these pieces:

I have been to indoor gun ranges like 4-5 times. First time is scary, the noise is just crazy and I jumped almost every time better now but the first couple of times you hear a shot can be unnerving. Before I had used 9mm just to see what it's like. It's scary let me tell you, the percussion is nuts. You are nervous to pull the trigger then the kick and sound.

As part of this art project I wanted it shot with a real AR15. But I have a problem when I shoot, I'm right handed but left eyed. So shooting a hand gun is not a big deal but a rifle with a sights on it is a problem. Dude at the range helped me to shoot it left handed, right way to hold it and all that. When I use a paintball gun I shoot right handed, so this was the first time ever trying to shoot left handed. The things I wanted to shoot were 5.5 x 6 inches I attached 2 of them to the target sheet and put it at 15 feet away. I had 12 of them to shoot. At 15 feet shooting left handed for the first time I was able to shoot each one 2-3 times and the grouping was no more than 3 inches apart for the holes. After I shot my little targets I moved the big target that was 18 x 24 at least, to 30 feet and finished off the bullets I bought. At 30 feet the grouping was tight as well no more than 5-6 inches and I was not sighting my shots hardly.

The AR clip held 20 bullets. There is no practical application to an AR15, it's very easy to shoot, accurate and hardly any recoil. It really is scary that so many of these are out there and easy for people to get.

Also want to thank Emek for the idea of using money for a medium and of course Saber for his inspiration with his flag pieces.


  1. Good stuff Gary! Wish I had gotten on here earlier today! Put me on the mailing list brother! ;)