Friday, July 25, 2014

David Welker Bear vs. Bull Print Release

Now that Galerie F's anniversary has come and gone they are looking forward to other growing projects they have started. This Monday July 28th Galerie F will be releasing an exclusive art print designed by David Welker and printed at FugScreens Studios. This is the introduction of the GF x David Welker collaborations that are soon to come.

"Bear vs. Bull" by David Welker
5 layer screenprint, printed at FugScreens Studios
Edition of 90, embedded signature and hand numbered.
$50 each + shipping.

Available on Monday July 28th at a random time at


  1. Any idea what the size of this print will be? Thank you ;)

  2. Can we narrow down the "random time" to a "random time between this hour and this hour?"

    Also, in the Welker email he hints: "How do you spell PHOIL?" Think he's doing a phish print?