Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Eddie Colla BLNT Hand-Painted Multiples

Eddie Colla has a rad new release with 1xRUN titled BLNT and it is a Hand Painted Multiple on wood.

"These hand-painted multiples are based off of an original painting that I did for Carpe Diem at Loakl Gallery this past March of 2014. It's definitely a continuation of some my themes. This incarnation of BLNT is a 3 color screen print on a cradled wood box that was just recently completed in July. The boxes are treated with an iron based reactive paint that is rusted as the final process. All the hardware on the box also went through an acid bath to create a patina.

Each box has a stamped brass plate with the name title and edition number on it. The plates went through a patina process as well. On the back on each box is a small note pasted that gives the piece some context. The backs also have my name burnt into the wood with a branding iron." - Eddie Colla

This and 3 original pieces of art all go on sale at NOON EDT Tuesday at 1xRUN.com

1 comment:

  1. Eddie Cola is a well known artist. My friends and I have been following her work for quite some time now. These hand painted multiples are exquisite and look like her earlier theme. The three color screen is so mystifying that one tends to keep looking at it. I love the fact that she treated the hardware to an acid bath to create this effect.


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