Thursday, July 24, 2014

Jeremy Shoop Nature of the Beast Print

It's always good to get an email from a new artist and see something good that is an original idea. Jeremy Shoop let me know about his new print titled Nature of the Beast.

Here is his description of the piece:

This is a political piece about the nature of society and how it functions as a system, a system that doesn’t seem to care about the common people (the majority of society).   The real owners of this country like the bankers, the corporations, and whoever is printing the money are the ones running the show and the people are merely enslaved by the system that’s been set up, it’s a system that has us showing up to those jobs to pay for our living, kind of ironic to earn money to live when all you are doing is working, and most of those jobs has us over worked and under paid just for a reward of some green paper.  So if you’re fortunate to get enough green paper you can by a this, or buy a that, so you can buy the next best thing which most of the time you don’t even need, as society keeps looking at the next big shiny thing, no one seems to notice that the table is titled.  Profit is the engine to this machine and it doesn’t care about the people, corporations are not people, corporations don’t care about what happens to society as a whole it just wants more for themselves and less for us, and it needs more monkeys to obey and keep putting dollars in their pocket.  George Carlin said it best “It’s called the American dream because you have to be asleep to believe it”.

The print is hand drawn and hand printed 24" x 16.5" screen print on french paper with a signed numbered edition of 22.

He also has a shirt titled Break on Through that is really cool too and it's a Jim Morrison Door reference so automatically it rules.

Buy them in Etsy Shop HERE

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