Thursday, July 31, 2014

Aaron Nagel Surface Print Release Details

Aaron Nagel has a new print release Thursday with 1xRUN titled Surface, he will also have some original paintings for sale.

"This piece from start to finish took a little over three weeks. I finished most of it pretty quick, then spent some time working the bottom areas with a pallet knife, debating the background pattern, and adding glazes to really get the highlights to pop. As far as the photo shoot, I didn’t have much of a plan, and I was working with a new model, in a new location. It was all very experimental — I haven’t done much painting of environment; I’ve always just focused on the model and dealt with the background and surroundings after the fact. But I am very much interested in painting more complete scenes, so this shoot was kind of an introduction to that direction. The model also didn’t want nudity in the shot, so I was trying to strategically shoot around actual nudity, but still be suggestive. That’s always a huge challenge, not only because it limits poses, but because I don’t typically have a ton of costume and wardrobe options on hand. The shot I ended up wanting to paint did of course have a smidge of boob showing, but she graciously allowed me to use it." - Aaron Nagel

The print and the paintings go on sale Thursday at NOON EDT at

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