Thursday, July 31, 2014

Arsenal Handicraft The Last Days of Summer Print for Artcrank Detroit

This past weekend Artcrank came to Detroit for the first time at the Shinola headquarters and Arsenal Handicraft created a stunning print for the show. The print is called "The Last Days of Summer"  It is a three color screen print on French Banana Split Paper.  It measures 16" x 20", has an edition of 30, and is priced at $50.

The back story to the print is:
When we were younger, a bike symbolized freedom. Especially in Michigan, bike time meant summertime, no school, and late nights. By its very nature, riding a bike is something you must do alone and it’s part of finding your independence.

This boy’s feet took him once again to a familiar window. But the days were getting shorter now. I think she was waiting for him this time, leaning a little further out of her window. School would be starting soon.
The print is available in the Arsenal Handicraft shop here:

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