Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Max Kauffman Tent Maneuvers & Mid Segue Prints

Max Kauffman has a released a couple of nice looking new prints.

'Tent Maneuvers'
8.5x11 inches Archival ink on hahnemuhle paper Edition of 15
Max on the design:
So 'Tent Manuevers' is an image of a crushed spray can.   I started making these earlier this year.   Its a nice meta extension of ideas in my work including artifacts of cultures lost or from another time.  Finding the cans in the right condition is tough too, so the artifact/anthropology thoughts of wondering where to find it came into play too- where does a 15-16 yr old tag(that young since they don't know better to dispose of the evidence), and where is a location that's remote enough that they'll sit undisturbed long enough to rust out.   

'Mid Segue'
8.5x11 inches Archival ink on hahnemuhle paper Edition of 15
Details from Max about the print:
'Mid Segue' is a newer idea that's surfacing in my work.   Or a really old idea maybe...
Anyways that piece is almost full improvisation. There's always elements of improve in my work, but never just that.    So I laid down some color fields, distorted them some, pulled some shapes out, knocked it back, added dark's, etc.    A slow process at times, at other times incredibly fast as I'm just laying down big areas of color/texture and then coming back and fine tuning details.   Ive been obsessed with music most of my life so the idea of mid segue is its right at that point in between songs- where its a little of both and also totally its on thing, in the moment.   I guess that one ends up sort of meta too, as there's ideas of different worlds/galaxies/portals/things phasing in and out of time/space in the work, and probably coming from seeing bands that throw in teases or jams or little ideas that seem to appear out of the void and then go back to a main theme. 
Buy them at  www.kauffmanartistry.com

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