Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Rob Schwager Moonshot Apollo 11 Poster Release

Rob Schwager and his Tiny Bird Press have another outstanding print release this week titled Moonshot. July 20th, 2014 marks the 45 anniversary that man first set foot upon the moon.

Almost everyone recognizes the names Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. Not many people know the name of the third astronaut who was also along on that historic flight in Apollo 11. His name was Michael Collins. He travelled all the way to the moon, but never set foot on lunar soil. He stayed behind in the command module, pictured in this print.

This is Rob's tribute to those three brave men, that trip and everyone who helped to get them to the moon and back safely.

- hand screen printed
- 18″ x 24″ on 100lb American made Cougar white cover weight paper
- Printed with water-based inks. Including silver metallic ink.

- Forty-fifth anniversary edition of 45 pcs. Signed and numbered. $25.00 each + shipping.

- "No text" edition of 5 pcs. Signed and numbered $45.00 each + shipping.

These (and a few Artist Proofs of his SOLD OUT "One Small Step" 2nd edition print) will go on sale July 16th at 6PM EST in the Tiny Bird Press Web Store.

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