Monday, July 28, 2014

Rob Loukotka ACME Dynamite, Magnet and more prints

Rob Loukotka opened up the ACME inventory once again and drew some ACME Dynamite, ACME Magnet, ACME Jet-Propelled Unicycle prints. H also did a secret mystery 7th print (and ACME item) that is free for folks grabbing the whole series of 6 prints, or any 3 framed prints.

Rob now offers wood picture frames (with real glass) for his 8x8" prints. They feature a laser engraved gallery plaque with your print's title as well. Pretty neat. They are available on the same page.

"In addition to the Anvil, Hi-Speed Tonic, Tornado Kit, Dynamite, Magnet, and Jet-Propelled Unicycle... I have drawn a 7th ACME Inventory print that is a mystery. This will placed for free into any order of 6 prints, or any order of 3 framed prints. Limited to just 50 copies, signed & numbered. (If you already bought the original 3 ACME Inventory prints, AND buy the new 3, email him and he will mail you your free Mystery ACME Print.)"

Dynamite, Magnet, Jet-Propelled Unicycle Screen Prints
Limited Edition: 100 each
Size: 8 x 8"
Paper: 100C French Paper
Colors: 2 ink colors
Signed & Numbered: Rob Loukotka
$25 each for 2 or more ($30 alone)

Picture Frames: $40 (Frame + $25 print = $65 total. Art will arrive framed and ready to gift!)  $180 for any 3 prints with frames, you save $45!

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