Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Jeff Soto Phish & 311 Poster Release Details

Jeff Soto did the poster for Phish last night in Canandaigua, NY 2014. It is a 18" x 24" five color screenprint.

Jeff on the poster
I have been playing with some classic "Soto" imagery and I thought it'd go nice with Phish! This a musical creature- it's reaching for it's handy pan flute as it carries it's motley crew of passengers! 
Available at Wednesday, July 16th at 1pm PST (California time!).

On Monday I had the exclusive reveal for Jeff's recent 311 poster and that will be on sale Wednesday along with a bunch of insane foil variants.

Details from Jeff about his 311 Poster

"311 Pittsburgh, PA", 18" x 24" CMYK screenprint. $50 regular edition + shipping.
My wife's family is from Pittsburgh, and I've visited before, so I have read about the history and importance of the steel industry. I was working on this painting and thought it could be a fun print to use for 311 as it's a metal machine, rusted and worn- it made me think of Pittsburgh! I have been listening to 311 for a long time and have most of their albums, my favorites are Evolver and Soundsystem and I'm happy to make a poster for these guys. This is my first screenprinted CMYK poster which makes a full color image. We experimented and started throwing foils in and subtracting colors, so we ended up with a few interesting variants (below). They range in price and edition size- check it out at our site to see them all. 

Available at Wednesday, July 16th at 11am PST (California time!).

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