Monday, August 4, 2014

Ernie Parada Propagandhi "Capitalist Pig" & 7 Seconds Posters

Ernie Parada is an artist from New York who runs Hellgate Industries and for the past 25 years has designed Posters, T shirts, CD and Album covers for everyone from Fu Fighters to 7 Seconds. He has released a couple of good looking posters for Propagandhi and 7 Seconds.

 Here is a little back ground on the posters from Ernie:

One is Propagandhi "Capitalist Pig"
Its a tour poster for their upcoming tour through North America.  This is the 4th one Ive done for them and I wanted to continue to bring their ethic, and their general vibe through. The bright red in the background, on the tusks and the eyes tell the whole story.

7 Seconds
The band and I go WAY back, back to almost the beginning. On my first tour with Token entry, we made it out to California with 50 7 inches, and maybe 2 dozen shirts to sell. We did a gig at the farm with 7 Seconds and Kevin asked to release an album for us. It was the beginning of the whole thing. We became friends, and I remember that in his bunk in the van, he had a little buddha statue. The compassion of the buddha, and what that guy did for me, Youth of Today, Verbal Assault and countless others kinda go together.

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  1. Not sure if you've covered Ernie before but it's awesome to see his stuff on here!