Monday, October 6, 2014

Mike Giant Cop Killer Print

Mike Giant has been living in Colorado for about 6 months now and the Rebel8 crew went out to see him and to draw inspiration for the upcoming Rebel8 line of clothing. They met a guy and started shooting things. A thousand rounds in, Mike Giant busted out these targets that are now for sale as a print. He personally shot, signed, and numbered each and every one.

Clearly these are not for everybody. But then again, so is REBEL8. I want it noted I do not in any way condone shooting of any law enforcement official. No matter what they did or what you think they did.

The prints are signed & numbered 80/80 original Mike Giant print. Each print is completely unique as they were used as targets at a private shooting range in Colorado. Size: 22" x 32"

Available now at


  1. wow....not that I would have in the first place, but I'll never purchase anything from this hack...

  2. Screw this print.. Should be taken down. I don't care what people think.. They do more good than bad. They are on the front lines in our communities to keep them safe. So screw this print. I hope no one buys it.