Thursday, October 9, 2014

Ryan McCann Death To Damien Hirst Print Release

Ryan McCann is back with another great print release from 1xRUN titled Death To Damien Hirst.

"This is part of the “Death to...” series that has culminated in a solo show highlighting the death of 8 living contemporary artists. It is now on view at Guy Hepner Contemporary in West Hollywood.

The concept came to me over a year ago and took about a month to finish. I thought about having my assistant paint the whole piece for me in true Damien Hirst fashion but decided against it because painting is fun.

I am fascinated by the career of Damien Hirst and as I learned more about his work I started to feel really bad for the butterflies and approached the work from their perspective." - Ryan McCann

On sale at NOON EDT Thrusday at

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