Monday, March 19, 2012

Ames Bros Pearl Jam Lima Peru Poster on sale today

Pearl Jam's Ten Club continues with the sale of last years tour posters and this time we are in Lima Peru. Ames Bros did the poster incorporating Mayan and Inca influences in the poster. The poster is 20" X 26" and 3 colors on white paper.

On a side note somewhat related, for those of you worried that the world is ending this year based on the Mayan calender, it's not. See the Mayans created their calender thousands of years before Caesar added the extra day for Leap Years. So if the world was going to end it would have already.

Pearl Jam's Ten Club will be selling the poster today 3/19/12 at a random time between 9am-11am PST. You must be a member of the Ten Club to purchase the poster. Variants will not be included

Buy it HERE

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