Monday, March 26, 2012

Pearl Jam BUENOS AIRES Poster by Brad Klausen on Sale Today

When Brad Klausen creates a poster he puts a lot of thought and creative energy into it and sometimes his attention to details are overlooked by people. One example is his recent Pearl Jam Hamilton poster, there is so much meaning in that poster no even knows. When the Brad made the poster, he was inspired by what is known as Fileteado Porteño, it is a way of painting related to Tango and boheme, you will find this kind of paintings in many kinds of stores in downtown Buenos Aires, or colonial towns all over Buenos Aires province, including the outskirts and countryside, and this technique is used almost everywhere almost on everything. See pictures of examples above.

Pearl Jam's Ten Club will be selling the poster today 3/26/12 at a random time between 9am-11am PST. You must be a member of the Ten Club to purchase the poster. Variants will be included.

Buy it HERE

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