Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Claw Money Poker Chips & Print Set on sale from 1xRun today

TOTT Global + Claw Money + 1xRUN have teamed up for an Exclusive Online Release of Claw Money's new TOTT Global Poker Chips and 2 Color Screen Print Set.

The exclusive online releases drops on 1xRUN Thursday March 14th as a limited edition combo pack of 30 signed, numbered screen prints and poker chip set.

Kicking off the week of events TOTT Global will be at KidRobot in NYC on Thursday, March 15th to celebrate the release, there will be a special purple colorway screen print exclusively available at the Soho store.

Fashion Designer Claudia Gold got her start as Claw Money- her legendary graffiti alter ego. For the past three decades you could find her iconic Claw tag all over the New York City landscape. These days she is parlaying her street cred into a luxury lifestyle brand with an edge. Claudia’s line, Claw Money, features clothing, accessories and sunglasses, worn by some of the most stylish celebs- think MIA, Santigold, Nicki Minaj and Rihanna. Her line can be found at exclusive retailers like Colette Paris, Patricia Field New York, and Fred Segal Santa Monica.

The print is 12 x 13 2-Color Screenprint on 100 lbs French Paper

On sale today at Noon EDT at

Claw Money is a groundbreaking graffiti writer whose work can be most commonly recognized because of the signature fat paw with three claws logo. Born in New York in 1968, Claw Money, or Claudia, has had a huge impact on the graffiti world as a woman in a field that is dominated by men.

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