Friday, March 16, 2012

French Street Artist Wattts Lipstick Bomber Print on sale

Wattts is an artist from Paris, France. He mostly does street art (He has been very prolific in Paris, recently began working in New York). He became quite active last year when he collaborated with Occuprint and took charge of the pasting of OWS' artist posters (including his own) and propaganda material on the walls of New York City. But outside of that stint, he has been mostly doing it by passion. He rarely signs his street art and for that reason many people often know his work but not necessarily his name (which I think is the way it should be when talking about art). He helps finance his work by selling prints and some original works. He has a bunch of pictures on his site's gallery of his work in the streets

The idea for Lipstick Bomber had been brewing in his mind for the past 5 years. He made this print to finance Lipstick Bomber as a street art project for New York. A lot of his street art evolves around the concept of hijacking popular imagery and deforming it in a disturbing, meaningful and/or absurd way.

These are the print details for Lipstick Bomber:

Limited Edition of 75
Giclee Print on Paper
15.5 x 22 inches (39.5 x 56 cm)
Signed and Numbered

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