Friday, March 16, 2012

Brad Klausen The Black Keys Toronto Poster on sale today

As I mentioned first the other day Brad Klausen will be selling his stellar Black Keys poster today. Only 75 copies will be for sale from the edition of 335. The poster is 14.3" x 24", 7 colors (Orange is metallic).

It was strange to read the comments on the Black Keys Facebook page after it was posted. Almost everyone loved it and thought it was the best poster of the tour so far. But then there were a few people that just love to complain as well.

Here are Brad's thoughts on how he created it:

"For the record, the image above is not representative of any First Nations tribe, as I was not trying to reference that aspect of Canada's history... I would have used this image if the show were in Russia or China. It's just another one of the many female shamans of the ancient Imagi Nation that seem to frequent my subconscious and ask to be drawn. This one is a sun drummer...don't try and get her gold on the ceiling! "

On sale at today at 10am PDT

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  1. Was online right at 1 pm and was able to pick up one for myself. Wow, in only a couple of minutes they were sold out!